Madness 003. Part 2. Has been approved!

2009-01-12 16:38:26 by Traid333

Part 2 of my new series "Madness 003." Has just been rated 2.50/5.00. Thank you all who helped rate this up! Part 3 coming soon!


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2009-01-12 19:12:06

Ok, first of all, that was way too short. Second of all, it was shitty. You seemed to use pictures instead of sprites. I voted 0, but it was too late. Part 3 should be deleted. Shit.

Traid333 responds:

HEY! Nobody ever gives me Sprites, How do I find them? I dont, I fucking dont! So shut up!


2009-01-12 21:12:46

You can draw your own. Obviously, someone with no skill, such as yourself, does not know this. "I am very creative". BULL SHIT!


2009-01-15 16:44:45