2009-01-23 06:33:34 by Traid333

I, Traid. Promise to make my future Madness submissions at least 1 minute or longer. I understand people want smooth walking scenes, so I will try to do that to, more kills and more gore. More understanding what is going on. Please dont leave unhelpful critizism to this post.


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2009-01-23 08:43:43

Get more practise. Stop shitting this shit daily.


2009-01-23 17:01:05

Practise if the only thing i can advise.

Oh and making people aware that you hate people flamming you, just brings trolls.


2009-01-24 10:32:47

riad truthfully, they suck. Instead of submiting them too Newgrounds host them on Post the link here and we'll tell you how too improve.

You'r gonna make a bad repuation of yourself, just like i did with Madness Last Stand. I know the "Buzz" you get from submiting stuff, unlike BloodMan, but after awhile that Buzz goes and submiting crap and you know its crap just makes it worse. Knowing you have spend time and effort into a animation makes it more the while.

Work on stuff, Walking, choppy-ness, heads, body, gun kick-backs and organizing sprites. Madness is not easy too learn. Everyone told me i should just give up. I never, but practised my skills and show'd them too friends, they'd tell me where i could improve and iv'e worked off that. Just... Good luck and don't submit stuff every 3 days.
Sample of my work. With hard work and and practise, you'll become good.


2009-02-02 14:44:25

Post your password and I will activate secret features for your NG Account


2009-02-12 15:58:09

What do you mean "unlike bloodman101" lol, I submitted a few flash games and got excited. :P

Same with audio. >:\


2009-02-13 11:32:12



2009-02-15 22:58:18

ur profile pic cant triforce :P

but in seriousness, spend a shit load of time on ur stuff. I say two weeks at the minimun, then people wont hate ur shit and actually give u constuctive critisim