Pico Calendar 2010

2010-02-28 11:34:17 by Traid333

Well, I've started the 2010 Pico Calendar, for Pico Day 2010.

Of course, Pico Day will be on Tom's Birthday, and I want to make a great submission for the cause.

The calendar basically consists of some low-graphic pictures of the Pico characters, and some fake, and real events that happen or happened on the date you choose. You can cycle through months, and even days, if you want to. This will surely be my best submission yet!

Below is a picture of the first frame, not finished yet, of course.

Pico Calendar 2010

Stick It 2.0

2009-10-15 10:09:07 by Traid333

Hello everyone, er... Fans... Er.. Yeah right. Anyway, for everyone who acually is gernerous enough to take time and read this, you have been selected to give as many ideas as possible for the next Stick It game, Stick It 2.0.

Please keep suggestions to a reality level.

The included ideas so far are:

More Colors
More Limbs
More Guns
More Props
More Backgrounds
Music. (Only one so far).

Thank You.

---Traid Kelly

Stick It 2.0

Fire Storm Series,

2009-02-17 07:11:34 by Traid333

My new series, Firestorm, is starting to be released. Part 2 is on its way, I'll take way more thena week on part two, I'm learning how to make animation smoother. I would like helpful critisizm. I am trying to know what people want in animations. Thank you. --Traid


2009-01-23 06:33:34 by Traid333

I, Traid. Promise to make my future Madness submissions at least 1 minute or longer. I understand people want smooth walking scenes, so I will try to do that to, more kills and more gore. More understanding what is going on. Please dont leave unhelpful critizism to this post.

MUD P1 made it through with a score of 2.16/5.00

Part 2 of my new series "Madness 003." Has just been rated 2.50/5.00. Thank you all who helped rate this up! Part 3 coming soon!

First Approved Submission!

2009-01-11 16:08:52 by Traid333

I finally was able ot pass the blam stage.

Madness 003. Part 1. Has passed the blam stage. Now I will make Part 2 and have even better detail. Thank you to all who voted great on this video.

Tranx X Studios.

2008-09-23 17:45:56 by Traid333

Tranx X Studios is the flash studio I run. I will now put the logo and the main little flash for each of my flashes.